Bark in the Park

What’s the worst part about this time of the year? You guessed it, not being able to have Bark in the Park. Man that’s a great idea, whoever came up with the idea deserves a peace prize or a pulitzer prize or something. So here’s how the guy came up with the idea:

  • Everyone loves dogs, especially the ones that bark
  • Everyone loves going to baseball games
  • Add the two and you have a perfect day

I am already making plans to go down to Florida this summer to rent a dog and go to Bark in the Park with the Marlins. I picked Florida because no one goes to those games, so I know I will get tickets. I can’t wait until they start playing “Who Let the Dogs Out” and neither can the dog I am renting.

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One Response to Bark in the Park

  1. James says:

    This is by far the most revolutionary concept of our day. Barking and Parking in one day. That would be like high fiving and sandwiching all at the same time. Question? who will clean up all the dog crap? Could we leave it up to the maintenance people? Sounds like a tough job. I know it would take a competent individual to handle this process. Any suggestions?

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